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Meet Our Founder

Diane Davis

I never gave much thought to what aging would mean or what retirement would look like, even though I was quickly approaching that time in life and many of my contemporaries were entering it as well. And to be honest, I probably would not have thought about it except that 2 years ago my brothers, sister and I were faced with having to make the hard decision of what to do with our 90+ year old mother. Mom had always been a healthy person living on her own, taking care of herself, but over a period of time we found out that she had been hiding things from us – primarily the falls that she had.

I cannot begin to tell you how bad I felt about not being able to be more involved in her everyday life – now that I was more aware about what was going on with her. So, I began to explore what options existed, and “yes” there were lots of options, but they were primarily the same. Nice looking facilities that offered a variety of services.

The key word is FACILITIES – larger apartment like complexes – that were missing the feel of “home” and the sense of “community”. Not feeling like I had many options, I had no choice but to investigate these facilities. To me, what I found was disheartening. Many residents reported that they felt that they were on a holding pattern waiting for death. In most cases they were well taken care of from the physical standpoint and had some social options, but no one had ever challenged them to answer some very important questions.

  • Why has God allowed them to be here at this place and in this time?
  • What is your purpose for being alive?
  • What is your life plan for this next decade of your life?
  • What is the legacy (not financial) that you are leaving?

None of this made any sense to me. I do not believe that any of us are left on this earth to just play pickle ball, play golf and scrapbook. I do not believe that any of us are left on this earth to just eat, drink, play bingo, and wait to die. I do not believe that any of us are left on this earth to just spend time with our grandchildren. The important word being JUST.
Yes, we do not have to work as hard as we did during our 20’s to 60’s. Yes, we can enjoy pickle ball, golf and scrapbooking. Yes, we can love playing bingo. Yes, we can spend quality time with family, particularly grandchildren. But in my opinion, there is more to life than JUST these activities.

After researching and considering my own situation, I mentioned to God “there has to be something better, where is it?”. I believe the answer that I got was that it was up to me to be the answer. He was calling me to build an environment where individuals could live purposeful lives, live a life filled with passion, live a life that contributes to the world not just themself.

With that, the concept for Home Away from Home TX LLC residential homes was born. The key word being HOME.
After talking and praying with a good friend, whose parents are going to be in my situation, and knowing COVID has changed the world of elder care, I decided that if this concept is going to come alive, then NOW is the time!
Which is why I am excited to renovate and restore and/or build local residential homes into assisted living homes – where our residents can build community among themselves –where our residents, together with our staff, build life plans taking into account the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and purposeful aspects of their life – where our residents will not only survive but THRIVE!

Thanks for letting me share my story, my WHY!

Diane Davis

Meet Our Caregivers

Home Away From Home TX LLC (H.A.F.H.) Residential Assisted Living provides 24-hour, all-inclusive care for Seniors in Brazos Valley. Our staff is highly trained to tend to whatever level of care is needed, while encouraging independence in each of our residents. We specialize in upscale senior care your loved one. 

While our staff come to us with years of training and experience, we are not satisfied with just “good” care for our residents. To reach the level of “excellent” care we have created an in-house training program called “ADL+”. Each care giver who is a member of the Home Away From Home team has gone through and passed ADL+. This allows us to be able to specialize in upscale senior care for your loved one.

Home Away From Home TX LLC (H.A.F.H.) is in the process of being licensed by the State of Texas. Contact us today to find out more information about our homes.