While COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty and caused disruptions in our day-to-day lives, the more we learn about the disease, the easier it is to protect ourselves and our loved ones. As long as we all stay smart and be consistent with our approach to seeing other people, we can help slow the spread and stay safe. Below are some ways for senior citizens to stay safe during this time and still connect with others. These tips are especially important as senior centers are opening back up to visitors.

  1. Know The Risks
    As we all know, the terror and risk factors of COVID-19, you need to keep to yourself and avoid outside activities as much as possible. Staying safe inside would be beneficial for both the seniors and the caregivers as it decreases the chances of contact with the virus.
  2. Follow the rules and guidelines.
    If you want to go out shopping or any other work, try following the guidelines of your area, which are mentioned to keep the members safe in your room. For instance, these recommendations would be like covering your face, practicing social distance, and washing hands. Try to avoid crowded places as much as you can and don’t attend large gatherings.
  3. Careful with your gathering
    If you have been in quarantine for a long time and want to invite over people, that is not an issue, but one thing to keep in mind is to be assured of who you meet with. Before gathering your friends and family, be sure of who they are meeting with or whether they have any risk of exposure to COVID-19. Expanding your circle isn’t an issue, but keeping your health at first should be.
  4. Make some new rules for home.
    Planning to expand your quarantine to an extent, we advise both senior citizens and caregivers to develop some of the safety rules that can help you stay safe along with your loved ones. For instance, maintaining social distance, always covering your face with the mask, not sharing your edible items with others, always having sanitizer with you. By simply following these easy rules, you can also stay fit and protect the people around you.
  5. Taking care of your mental health
    We always talk about physical protection and health, but our mental health is also essential. For good mental health and to try to stay as positive and anxiety-free as possible, as we all know, this current situation of the pandemic is very problematic. You can also contact a health care provider if you think you are suffering from stress and anxiety.

As the government uplifts the lockdown, many old homes are reopening. If you are also looking for one for your seniors, you can check Home Away From Home TX LLC. Our compassionate staff is well-trained in COVID-19 protocols and is committed to providing its residents with safe care without removing too much social aspects! Contact us today for more information.

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