Does it make you feel helpless to see the senior at your home getting spiritless with each passing day? Their loneliness can slowly take the form of depression, making them crankier than ever. Besides taking a toll on their mental health and happiness, this prolonged boredom may also slow down their motor skills making them highly inactive.

Therefore, for the loved one of your house to spend their leisure time productively, we have listed 10 activities for them to choose from:


Gather some paints, paintbrushes and paper and hand them over to the beloved senior of your house. Help them pour their imaginations onto blank sheets of paper which keeps them engaged and happy but also helps to improve their motor skills.


If you have backyard space at your house, then get some cutesy shovels, plant pots and exotic seeds for the seniors at your home to help them create and curate their own beautiful garden.

Grooving to the Music

Have a music source at home? Then set up a playlist with the favorite songs of the loved one at your abode and invite them for a delightful dance. This can be a daily or weekly session to help keep them entertained and youthful.


To free your beloved senior from boredom, you can give them a lovable pet. They will get the benefits of companionship and unconditional love as well as feeling needed and depended on for care.

Light Workouts

To keep active and fit, you could join them for at-home workout sessions. The addition of up-beat music can take it to a whole new level of fun. Going on morning or evening walks could also be considered a great form of rejuvenation and some serene time away from home.


We all love food and that does not exclude the senior at your home. Challenge them into a cooking competition to bring out their love for food. You may also keep them engaged by letting them cook a particular meal of the day, or plan family meals. Occasional baking may also prove to be entertaining for them.

Academic Development

Was your loved one a nerd in school? Then help take their love for education further by enrolling them in an online or in-person course of their choice. It will assist with their brain function and help them meet new people.

Literary Involvement

Is your senior an avid enthusiast of books and literature? Encourage him/her to read from the endless list of novels. You may also listen to their unique viewpoint and support them with their imagination.

Volunteering for a Good Cause

There are numerous charities which require volunteers to help them grow. Signing up your beloved senior as a volunteer for such causes may not only keep them actively involved with a crucial task, but also help them find inner peace for doing something good for society.


Let your senior know that self-love is an integral part of one’s life. Take them for a trendy haircut, manicure, spa treatment or relaxing massage to make them feel good from within. These may also add a boost of confidence when they see their brand-new look, building their self-esteem. 

Home Away from Home

To sum up, you now have 10 amazing ideas to assist with increasing fun and excitement in the lives of your loved ones. Try them now and give them a big slice of happiness that they truly deserve. Contact Home Away from Home for more creative ideas!