The outbreak of the highly contagious Coronavirus has the world at a standstill. With the freeze in industrial activities and normal operation of schools, offices and other institutions the world really seems to be a completely different place now. The lockdown period has kept us at home for quite a while now, and we all are eagerly waiting to roam around freely and get back the essence of our ordinary lives.

Just like everyone, seniors are tired of staying locked up at home. The good news is that the world is slowly returning to normal however the virus continues to lurk over us. We also understand that everyone has had enough of staying back at home, and a breath of fresh air is a must. Therefore, in this article, we hope to help caregivers make the right decisions regarding the seniors they are currently looking after by discussing (6) COVID-19 precaution steps for the elderly.

Proper Risk Assessment

Before taking out the elderly person you are caring for, make sure to collect certain Covid-19 related information that is applicable for your location. For instance, if your area has a high infection rate, or if the senior you are taking care of has a health issues, then it is the best for the both of you to stay home for a bit longer until it is safer to return to normal activities.

Following the Protocols

This advice is important for everyone. Make sure you maintain a 6ft. distance, wears a mask and keep away from people who are seen coughing or appear sick nearby. 

Limit Guest Visitation

When your loved one wants to invite their friends over to the house, make sure you explain the quarantine rules to them clearly. Set the limit of 2-3 visitors in the house at a time. Make sure they are physically well and do not show any signs of being sick.

Following Quarantine Protocols at Home

If you have a senior at home, making sure they are in a clean environment, taking daily showers, and washing their hands for 20 seconds or more after returning from outside is a must. You may also use disinfectant regularly throughout the home and follow the same guidelines as a caregiver.

Taking advantage of Technology

In short, stay as protected from the outer world as you can with the senior you care for. Make use of drive-thru windows, virtual payments, and home delivery selections. Using these options to get access to items and services essential to your household instead of physically visiting stores, restaurants, etc. will reduce your chance of getting sick.

Coping with Anxiety

The elderly may show signs of anxiety, depression, and restlessness due to staying at home for so long. Try to uplift their mood by engaging them in a variety of at-home activities such as painting, music, reading or any activity that falls under the area of interest of the senior you are caring for. If these options fail, contact a healthcare expert. It is the best to not ignore the mental health of the elderly as it might have a negative impact on their future.

Home Away from Home

In short, while we continue to battle our way through this pandemic, make sure the elderly receive proper care and protection from this infectious virus since they are extremely prone to getting infected. Contact Home Away from Home for more information about how COVID-19 may affect your senior.