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Residential Assisted Living in Bryan, Texas

Providing quality care through low staff to resident ratios

Accepting residents suffering with Alzheimer’s and/or Dementia

Assisted Living in Bryan, TX

This is Home

When your loved one no longer want to or cannot live by themselves … when your loved one is not able to live with family in their home … then we invite them to make their home away from home with us and our residents.

Our goal is to make the living environment for seniors as close to home as possible. We work to design a lifestyle for your loved on in a home setting that will achieve the following simultaneous objectives: social engagement and spiritual wellbeing. We want your loved on to not just survive but thrive.

Should isolation/quarantine become necessary our staff can live on site and our property can easily be self-contained, with little to no disruption to the resident’s normal lifestyle.


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What Makes Our Assisted Living Home Different

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The key to quality care comes down to staff to resident ratios.

The State of Texas allows 1 care giver for every 20 residents; and the average facility has 1 care giver for every 15 residents. Do the math. That means that in an 8-hour shift, that care giver only has 30 minutes for each resident in their care. With an average of 30 minutes in an 8-hour shift … residents are lucky to get minimal basic care. Quality care is just not possible when those staff ratios are in place.

At Home Away From Home TX LLC we have created and adopted a business manifesto that states: “We are committed to providing excellent care to our elderly residents by

  • keeping staff ratios at least 50% below industry standards.
  • paying staff more than industry standards.
  • having staff who are well trained in HAFH’s ADL+ Program.
  • providing needed supplies in sufficient quantities for staff to easily do their job.
We believe social engagement is the key to building and sustaining relationships.

At Home Away From Home TX LLC we are also committed to encouraging social engagement. According to experts on aging, we know that maintaining healthy psychological, physical, and cognitive health is critical to everyone’s well-being. Our home environment will provide a sense of belonging and the relationships that will be built will support positive self-esteem.

We strive to provide individual and shared activities designed around our residents’ needs, wants and desires. We believe these activities as well as the social interaction with their housemates will make for improved cognitive health.

It is our goal that each resident knows that they do NOT have to be alone during this time of their life.

We believe spiritual wellbeing is the key to continuous peace.

At Home Away From Home TX LLC we are committed to supporting continued spiritual growth through faith-based activities, whether group activities or one-on-one prayer time. We believe that as our residents deepen their relationship with God, seek answers to life’s fundamental questions, and form relationships with each another, their sense of peace and overall well-being will be boosted.

No longer will they be asking/thinking …

  • Why am I still here? I don’t want to be useless … I don’t want to be a bother.
  • How do I deal with the mistakes I made in my life? If I could only live my life over!
  • What kind of legacy am I leaving, not financially, but am I leaving something of value?
20 Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Facility

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